Toy airplanes, cars and motorcycles sold at Dollar stores recalled due to excessive lead paint. Read more….  

Toy Sundae sets sold at Target recalled by Battat Inc due to chocking hazard Read more….

Battat Recalls Additional Magnetic Construction Sets; Ingested Magnets Pose Aspiration and Intestinal Hazards Read more….

3 thoughts on “More Toy Recalls: Battat, Inc. toys sold at Target and Dollar Store

  1. When this this type of story was on the news in Australia they said that if the toy is made in China you chose at your own peril. Even if they are never recalled the paint they use is usually too high in lead or some other chemical and they use dyes that are illegal in Australia (also dangerous to your health) and the same in regard to plastic toys. Sorry to be the bearer of worse news as many toys are made in China

  2. By the way, e-mail me and let me know if you have heard about or ever looked into the overwhelmingly large quantities of formeldahyde used on clothing made in China. We’re talking thousands above legal safe limits. It’s a huge problem in Australia no one is doing anything about. Our today Tonight news program went into Target stores and other department stores and independantly tested the clothing including childrens and Babies clothes. It is used to stop them crinkling. I think 20 was above safe level and these clothes were testing in the hundreds and even thousands. Shocking! Story aired in the last six mnths and I’ve heared nothing since…Not unusual in Australia Let me know how you go.

  3. I am just disgusted at how our country, supposed to be “For the people” will allow toxic, harmful, not up to or even close to U.S. standard toys sell to us. My husband and I are so cautious about buying China made and other foreign products, due to lack in concern for our little ones. Instead of sending billions of money to people who hate us, we should take alittle more pride in our future. Our children.

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