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Nursing Naturally — Breastfeeding beyond a year

Breastfeeding, it’s the most natural and beautiful thing you can witness. All mammals nurse their young from birth until the littles are ready to go on their own. Most kittens nurse for about 6 weeks, orangutans nurse their young for 6 or 7 years. This is the norm for their species. No one questioned, no one tells them you should nurse longer, nor say it’s time to stop. It’s just something that is. But what about humans? How long is biologically normal for a human to breastfeed?  
Sadly, due to pressure to wean, mothers returning to work and lack of support, no one can say for certain, but there are some great facts we can use to draw conclusion as to what it could and could not be.
There are many reasons to breastfeed. Protection from disease is one of them. Did you know there is strong evidence that a mama has receptors on her breast that essentially read the baby’s saliva? This changes the composition of the milk sending antibodies to the baby through the breastmilk to help them fight infection. Pretty amazing right? God knows what he’s doing people! 

While Dr. Hinde said that this is just a hypothesis, what HAS been demonstrated empirically, though, is the oral pathway — mom kisses baby’s face and hands, ingests pathogens that baby has encountered in its environment, and then the appropriate antibodies are synthesized in her gut and transferred to her milk. Seriously, amazing what our bodies can do.

As a big contrast to the cultural negative views of extended breastfeeding in the US, in Mongolia, it’s celebrated and strongly encouraged. In fact, they declare the best wrestlers are breastfed until the age of 6. Breastfeeding is deep in their culture and an important piece. 

Nutritional benefits of breast-feeding continue well past the first year of life. Here is a great fact sheet on studies supporting these benefits.

La Leche Leauge has pages and pages of supportive articles from studies to beautiful articles of real life examples of extended nursing in other countries. 

What does the Bible say?

God invented breastfeeding and is in full support. Remember when God gave Hannah a son? She promised to bring him to serve in the temple when he was weaned. It’s believed when Hannah brought Samuel there when he was around 3 years old. His youth was mentioned in the biblical text, thus we know he was not an infant or toddler when he was weaned. In this article, Jewish tradition shows weaning took place between 18 months and 5 years of age.

Biblical text also point to Isaac winning around 2 to 3 years of age.

This 2 part article tells the stories of many biblical breastfeeding women. All blessed by God.


So what is the natural age of weaning? When will a child wean on their own? One researcher did an in depth look at primates to help determine. In all the primate species, researchers observed the brain size of the mother played a role in the age they weaned. They also looked at indigenous tribes around the globe to see when their children weaned. It’s the best way to observe since these tribes do not have any contact with each other nor Western culture. Results were very interesting. With an estimated human natural weaning age of between 2.8 and 3.7 years old. When did these indigenous tribe say their child land? It was around age 3. 

Of course, age 3 is the average age of weaning and some children may self ween before or after age 3. This is not a one size fits all.

Try as I may, I could not find any negative effects of nursing past a certain age. This study sought to find negative effects and turned up none. 

Breastfeeding Recommendations

The American Academy of pediatrics recommends exclusive breast-feeding for six months, meaning no other baby foods or cereals. They recommend continuing to breast-feed for at least a year and then as long as mutually desired between the mother and child. This does not say anything about cultural norms. 

The American Academy of family physicians has the same position of continuing to breast-feed as long as mutually desired by the mother and child. They have a great amount of educational information on their site. 
The world health organization supports exclusive breast-feeding for six months with complementary foods until at least two years of age, and then as long as mutually desired by the mother and child. 

La Leche Leauge is a global breastfeeding organizations offering support and resources to women for free. They say a mother and child nursing as long as they wish. They support nursing a child until they outgrow the need, just as they would naps, clothes, sippy cups, security blankets, etc. Here is one mom’s journey

Sadly, despite all the research showing the benefits of extended nursing, many moms severely lack support. They are accused of being selfish (you cannot make a child nurse, trust me) or other untrue claims. What if your husband makes unreasonable claims and demands? This is a great article on that topic. 

Your husband should be your biggest cheerleader and advocate for his child. If he’s making false claims and threats, finding the actual root cause of his feelings can be helpful because the issue(s) will remain even when the child is weaned, thus nothing will be resolved. Forcing a child who is not ready to wean could cause clinginess, fussiness and sleep regression to name a few. In moms, it can lead to depression, clogged ducts, mastitis (a painful breast infection caused by clogged ducts), and resentment among other things.

Talk with your husband to come up with something reasonable. Is the child coming to your bed at night the biggest struggle? Maybe compromise trying to get the child to sleep in his own bed. If a compromise can’t be reached, seek counseling from someone educated on breastfeeding. Seem biased? Are you going to seek advanced cancer treatment options from an oncologist or your co-worker? Nutrition advice from your college-age cousin working (and eating) at a fast food burger joint? Thus you should also seek advice on breastfeeding from someone educated on the topic. In most cases, it will not be your co-worker.

Any ill effects of extended breastfeeding are self inflicted due to personal feelings about it. While I can’t change your feelings toward nursing beyond whatever age you are comfortable with, I do hope you can acknowledge you do not have science on your side. I hope you thoughtfully consider other mothers’ decision to let their child self wean, even if you are not comfortable with that age, they are and it is a decision to be made between the mother and child.

Extra Credit

ABC News had a great article on this topic of extended breastfeeding 

But what about teeth? They are asking for it? It’s just for comfort, it’s just for you…. This is a great article tackling 10 myths of breastfeeding older children and why moms continue to meet the breastfeeding demands of their child.


Letting a child self wean meets that child’s needs. It’s not wrong, it’s not selfish. It’s natural. Let it be your normal if you so choose. God, science and nature all approve.

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Whether you feed your baby from the breast, bottle or both, Zulily has great deals from bottles, to nursing covers and scarves, to pillows. Take a look at this deal on a set of 3 9-Oz. Born Free Glass Bottles. They are BPA-free.

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Back in the saddle

After a too long break, I’m getting back into the game! I look forward to bringing you more great information, challenges, and resources you can consider. I’ll share fun family and kid crafts or outdoor fun. I’ll also share great deals on some of my favorite Eco-friendly, safe, ethical, fair-trade or sustainable products. I will do more product reviews as well. I look forward to seeing what’s to come and hearing your feedback.

Births of today – are all these interventions necessary?

I am about to give birth to our third child, thus have been reading a lot more about pregnancy, birth and babies. Kinda goes with the territory.

I will say I am saddened by what I read. Birth has become such a medical procedure. What happened to the beauty of birth designed by God? I am not saying all medical interventions are completely unnecessary, as they have saved lives, but are they overused? And are we doing ourselves a favor to embrace them or should we avoid them?

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, nor am I giving medical advice. I am just a mama sharing evidence-based articles so other mamas and mamas-to-be may also learn and make educated decisions of their own.

1. This is a great article of 10 decisions parents must make concerning their newborn. Decisions like delayed cord clamping, koala care, eye ointment, Vit k injection and more. I love that she gives both sides and is not biased in her delivery.

2. Consumer Reports even chimed in. They have a list of 10 pregnancy/birth procedures to avoid, as well as a list of 10 things to do when you are pregnant. One of those things includes considering a midwife. So excited to see such a list from a more mainstream media. The fact of the matter is of all developed countries, the US has the highest infant mortality rate. While no one is sure why, it is true that the US has the highest medical interventions of these countries. Poor diet, obesity are other factors that have been tossed around.

3. Delayed cord clamping. Did you know that 1/3 of the baby’s blood volume resides in the placenta at the time of birth? That blood is the baby’s, so should have the rights to it, but immediate cord clamping has become common practice. Here is a great article debunking common myths about cord clamping. Even the World Health Organization recommends delaying cord clamping. Some recommend delaying 3-5 minutes, others recommend waiting until the cord stops pulsating, usually 10-15 minutes. Others decide on a Lotus Birth where the placenta stays attached until the cord and all fall off on its own. Now, I personally can’t see toting around a placenta and a baby for that long, but this is a common practice in some countries.

I will be posting more articles, but right now, this mama is too tired to think anymore!

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I finally go on the bandwagon and created my Facebook page. I hope you will come “Like” me there and invite your friends to learn more about eco-friendly living and keeping toxics away from our children.

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God bless!

Hape Toys are here!! Just in time for Christmas

I have added a few Hape Toys to my “Shop” page. I recently discovered Hape toys and fell in love with the look, quality and commitment to safety.

Hape has a wide variety of toys for pretend play, learning toys, puzzles, infant toys, wood vehicles and much more. I have a limited quality, so get them while you can! The space ship toy is already sold, but if interested, please send me your name and I can let you know when I order more.

Happy shopping!

Lead, PVC and BPA free lunchboxes for back-to-school 2011

Lead as you know is toxic, which makes it surprising that it is in lunchboxes and backpacks. PVC is toxic as it contains phthalates and lead so it’s important for lunchboxes to be lead-free. And BPA is the hormone disrupting chemical found in plastics whose toxic effects have been hitting the news and blogs for the last several years. Kids are going to be touching the lunch box with their hands, then eat their food with their hands, so it is important for your child’s lunchbox to be free of these nasty chemicals.

Before purchasing a lunch box for your child, read the label. Make sure it is not made of PVC. Stainless steel, nylon, polypropelyne or cloth are much safer materials. Look for tags that say PVC-free (NOTE: PVC-free means the lead levels are below the amount deemed “safe” by a government agency). You also want to avoid BPA if you are purchasing a water bottle or food storage containers.

Here is a list of BPA, PVC and lead free lunch boxes.

Citizens Pip  You can customize your lunch box with accessories — separate food compartments, stainless steel bottle, cloth napkins, fork/spoon set, and of course the lunch box itself!

The Cool Tote is a replacement for the traditional brown bag. It’s made of nylon thus lead and other toxin-free.

Crocodile Creek. Traditional lunch box style that is well-made and have very cute traditional style, zippered lunch box and kid-friendly designs.

Laptop lunches are good for those who don’t like their food to touch. There are little compartments for separating food.

LL Bean has a critter lunch box line that is really cute and lead and PVC-free.  They would be great for a tween who wants something stylish without licensed characters.

LunchBots stainless steel containers. Several types to choose from. Does not have a bag though.

The Lunch Pak by Fleurville is a backpack design, but does have a handle to carry like a traditional lunch box. They also offer a lunch buddy which is more of a traditional lunch box style. (Note: 2 years ago they said their lead levels were “undetectable.” When I called this week, they said their lunch boxes were all lead and PVC-free. Slightly leery here, but they said they lead/PVC free, so they are on the list.)

Mimi the Sardine has cute cloth lunch totes that are PVC and lead free. There are several designs such as the ladybug, monkey/elephant/flower pattern, bugs and mice (my favorite).

Munchlers look like zoo animals and they fold out into a placemat, which is great. They are insulated and come in several designs including a yellow tiger, white dog, green bunny and pink panda. My daughter has the white dog – very cute.

PlanetBox is by far the most pricey, but it’s a very cool system. It’s a bento-style box of stainless steel that is  dishwasher safe. You can customize with cute magnets. The deluxe set has 2 dipper bowls and a carry bag that has a place to store a water bottle and little extras. The main drawback is the hefty price: $59.99, plus almost $11 in shipping. However, it is something that is sure to last for years.

Lunchopolis is another zippered, traditional style, no-nonsense lunch box. The lunch box lining is aluminum which I don’t care for. Also available are BPA-free containers and water bottles.

Kid Konserve is a similar to Citizens Pip’s customizable lunch box system. You can get ala carte or as a system.

Thermapod is another similar concept to the laptop lunch.

ZAK Designs offers several licensed character insulated lunch boxes that are lead free and lined with PVC-free material. Note, they just mention “PVC-free lining” so leads me to believe the entire lunch box may not be PVC-free. But a phone call to ZAK confirmed they are entirely lead-free. Wal-Mart and Target carry Zak lunch boxes. has a whole section also dedicated to lead, PVC, and BPA-free lunches. I bought two ACME lunch bags — one to carry bottles in for my son to daycare (it fits three Dr. Brown bottles) and one for me for the milk I pump for him at work (it fits six medela bottles).


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Easy do-it-yourself eco-friendly disinfectant spray

I just made some of this today and it smells so wonderful! I felt like I was at a spa, even though I had 4 young children (3 in diapers) running around me all morning.

Disinfectant spray
1 ½ cups water
20 drops tea tree oil
20 drops lavender oil
Combine in spray bottle and shake vigorously. Spray in the air to disinfect. Tea tree oil and lavender oil are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-whatever!

If you want bonus points, you can up the water (roughly 1/2 – 3/4 cups for every 20 drops of essential oils) and add 20 drops of orange oil, lemon oil and/or eucalyptus oil. These oils also have antiseptic and disinfectant properties. I added the orange oil to the above and wow! Love it!

Making your own allows you to avoid the toxic chemicals found in common disinfectants.

Related Articles

Health Concerns of Lysol


The health effects of Lysol

When my kids get sick, I want to reach for the Lysol spray, just as my mom did and as the marketers of Lysol tell me I should. But is it safe?

The Wiki page on Lysol states this:

The active ingredient in many of the Lysol products is benzalkonium chloride.[1] This ingredient is highly toxic to fish (LC50 = 280 μg ai/L), very highly toxic to aquatic invertebrates (LC50 = 5.9 μg ai/L), moderately toxic to birds (LD50 = 136 mg/kg-bw), and slightly toxic (“safe”) to mammals (LD50 = 430 mg/kg-bw).

The former main chemical ingredient wass cresol, which does have toxicity at some levels. This version is still available commercially. Breathing high levels over a short period of time can cause irritation to the nose and throat. I experience this every time I spray Lysol. And though there is known toxicity at “high” levels, small exposure over a long period of time has not been studied.

In addition, there are other chemicals including Glycol Ethers, O-phenylphenol, formaldehyde and hydrochloric acid that all have health concerns. It is also important to note that Lysol’s formula is considered proprietary, thus the ingredients list may not be fully disclosed. Wonder what else is in there? Possibly phthalates since fragrances are used and these 2 typically go hand-in-hand, but again show knows?

Does this sound like something you want to spray all over your house, furniture, doorknobs, bathroom, nursery, toys, etc? I think I will pass, too.

Daycares overuse Lysol. When my kids were smaller, the thought of my children mouthing toys that have been sprayed so heavily with Lysol there was a film on them made me cringe, of course so did the thought of them mouthing the same toy 11 other babies just mouthed. Ah, the joys of daycare!

Bottom line: really occassional use my have no harmful effects at all (but then again, cummulative exposure has not been studied and chemicals surround most of us every day). Aside from health concerns, there are environmental concerns, like the toxicity to fish, aquadic invertebretes and birds. Concerned parents do have choices. Vote with your wallet! Don’t buy Lysol spray or any Lysol product until their products are reformulated and are truly non-toxic. Vinegar and water will disinfect a toy just as well, without the weird film and chemicals. Not to mention it’s much cheaper. You can also make your own disinfectant spray in seconds! I love it and am much happier with it than Lysol. Is smells so fresh – like a spa – and has no chemicals in it! It disinfects and it is something I actually want to smell!