How we gave pain relief to our old dog

Our dog, Lucky, is 16.5 years old. He has bad arthritis and other ailments that come with being over 100 years old. A few weeks ago he had several bad days. He moaned in pain during the night causing us to have to get up multiple times to check on him. He didn’t eat at all and barely drank for 3 days. He will not take pain meds. Refuses to the point he will not eat if he thinks (or knows) you snuck pain meds in his food.

So we called the vet for other options. We thought we could try liquid and pour it on his food. They had to call it into a special online pharmacy. I went to order it and it was going to be over $700 and maybe last a month. We love him, but that is a lot of money.

So, I looked into other more homeopathic options. Rhus tox and arnica are great to relieve inflammation and pain. They are also safe for dogs. It was recommended to put 2 tablets of each in a small bottle of water (separately) and give him a small amount a couple times a day. I made it up and put a couple dropper fulls in his water bowl that evening and prayed for the best.

The next day, he got up fairly easily with help. And he ate!! It was amazing! He improved and finally was able to get up some on his own. If I slack and forget because he’s doing well, he starts to slide again, but rebounds when I give him these.

The power of homeopathy is amazing! The best part is each container is around $8, I use 2 tablets when I mix it up, which usually lasts a few days, so they will last a few months. Much better and as effective as the prescription meds at over $700!

God gave us these plants for a reason. They can be used for medicine!

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