Wonder if something you own has been recalled? It’s very hard to keep up these days. But there are many online databases where you can search through various recalls. 

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has a searchable database on their website where you can browse by category or product type. It’s cumbersome and involves a decent amount of reading, but it’s comprehensive of all recalls that have been filed with them. I also like the fact that they post images as well.

The database goes back pretty far — at least to the mid-1970’s. So, check out those hand-me-downs and second-hand items you may have in your home.

This database covers children’s products, toys, household products, outdoor products, sports and recreation products and specialty products. Check it out.

Babycenter.com also has its own recall finder database

The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) also has their own online recall database. It also lists market withdraws and safety alerts.

The FDA also has a pet food recall database.

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