Pills found in fish prompt Gorton’s recall

The recall is for Gorton’s 6 Crispy Battered Fish Fillets

Gorton’s Inc. recalled about 1,000 cases of frozen fish in 10 states
Friday after confirming a Pennsylvania customer found pills in her food.

Gorton’s said it ordered the recall as a precaution while a laboratory
works to determine the nature of the pills. Those tests should be
complete early next week.

“Obviously product alteration is a very serious matter,” said Jud Reis,
vice president of marketing for the company, based in Gloucester,
Massachusetts “We are conducting a full investigation into the source of
the problem.”

Tracy Rowan of New Freedom, Pennsylvania, called police after she bit
into one of the pills Sunday and found another on her daughter’s plate.
On Friday, Reis said the material was some sort of pill, not compressed
batter or bread crumbs.

Rowan described the pills as beige and aspirin-size.

“It’s kind of frightening to not only find something in your mouth, a
foreign object,” Rowan said Friday. “But then basically my heart stopped
when my daughter said, ‘I have one in my mouth, too,’ and pulled it out.”

Rowan, her daughter and her 10-year-old son were checked in an emergency room, then reported the incident to local police. They haven’t gotten sick, and Reis said the company knows of no other incidents.

Rowan said her daughter cooked the food and was adamant she did not
alter the fillets.

The recall is for Gorton’s 6 Crispy Battered Fish Fillets, 11.4 ounces.
The UPC Code is No. 44400157770, with a date code of 7289G1 and a
best-if-used-by date of April 2009.

The fish was sent to nine other states: Alabama, Delaware, California,
Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Consumers who purchased the fish can call Gorton’s at 800-896-9479

8 thoughts on “Gorton’s Fish Recall


  2. You don’t live in one of the states listed, so that’s a relief for you! If I were you though, I would still check your boxes of fish against the UPC code mentioned in the release just to make sure it is not the same. If you are still concerned, you can call the 800 number mentioned in the article.

    Hope that helps!


  3. Justin, first watch your language, very immature and inappropriate. I edited it.

    Also, according to Gorton’s themselves, it’s Gorton’s, not Gordon’s. Do you know something the company themselves don’t about their own name?


  4. This turned out to be a complete hoax. Unfortunately, one of the Rowan children put the pills into th fish fillets himself. The case was closed by the FBI, state officials, and the FDA. Think Mrs. Rowan has made a nice apology to Gorton’s and Giant. (Nice to see that a parent stepped forward and addressed the situation — good role model for us all). Looks like we are all good to go to eat Gorton’s again.

  5. I just came across this recall for the first time today. I was getting frustrated due to the article having been pulled everywhere I looked. Fortunately you blogged it!

    I followed up then too on John’s comment regarding one of the children having put the pills in the fish, and I confirmed that here-

    Kudos to Gorton’s on many levels. The pulling of food from shelves is entirely voluntary – their food can be knowingly altered in many ways and legally they don’t have to say a word. (Baby food and toys has strict guidance, but not “big people food”, nor pet food) But they did the right thing – they took precautionary measures, as did the store where the family purchased the product. BRAVO.

    The other kudo to Gorton – they are not suing the family. There was no criminal intent when mom reported it, Gorton is not going to go all corporate on them. BRAVO.

    Mom, like John said, stepped up when it was discovered one of the children made an admission. Some would have “saved face” or followed through and gone after a lawsuit against Gorton’s that was not warrented. Mrs. Rowan stepped up. Excellent role model.

    I do hope said child is eating fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a very, very long time! 😆

    Thanks for taking up this story momsblog.

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