My now 18 month old son had 8 ear infections in 1 year, from the time he was 4 months old to 16 months old. At that point, we were walking a fine line and were told that 1 more and we would be sent to the ENT to discuss getting tubes. I really did not want tubes, so I dug deeper into my search for a natural preventative.

The problem is my son has allergies, thus frequently has a runny nose. His ears would get infected and he would just be a mess. As far as antibiotics (which I hate to use) Augmentin did not work, we had used Omnicef so many times and he had a bad allergic reaction to Amoxicillin. So we were out of “traditional” options for treatment.

I posted an inquiry for suggestions of ear infection preventatives and got several good suggestions. One suggestion was to take him off dairy. I promptly stopped giving him cow’s milk and switched to rice milk. Another suggested garlic oil drops in the ears, so I ran down the street to the natural/organic food store. The lady there suggested these homeopathic allergy pellets in addition to the garlic oil drops.

These did seem to help, but one night I stumbled across a device call The EARDOC. It seemed too good to be true – non-invasive, no medicine – just a little device that vibrates and you hold it behind the ear for 1 minute. Dr. Sears highlighted The EARDOC on “The Doctors” TV show. With his seal of approval, I was sold that this may actually work. Plus, there were lots of great testimonials on the EARDOC website.

The EARDOC is easy-to-use and pain-free. My son loves to treat himself with the EARDOC.

The EARDOC treats otitis media, ear infections, swimmers ear, hearing loss, middle ear fluid, Eustachian tube dysfunction, ear pain from air travel, ear fullness brought on by colds, allergies or sinusitis, and other causes of ear pain in children as well as adults. The EARDOC website states:

About 75% of children up to age four suffer from earache caused by the accumulation of liquids and air in the middle ear. Swimmers, divers and air travelers also suffer from the same problem. The EARDOC is an efficient & proved non-invasive device that reduces the ear pain by treating the problem rather than the symptom. The EARDOC significantly reduces the need for ear tube surgery (Myringotomy) by naturally opening the closed Ear tube and drying the trapped fluids.

The EARDOC has gone through clinical reviews and is found to be safe and effective at opening the ear tube and reliving ear pain.

The folks at the EARDOC were kind enough to send me one to try and review, and one to giveaway (details at the end of this post).

The first day I used the EARDOC, I am certain my son had an ear infection, or at least was in the beginnings of one. He had a runny nose and was waking once or twice at night (our only 2 indicators). That morning, he was pretty fussy and I knew he was tired, but he would not settle. I used the EARDOC for 1 minute on each ear, as directed, and he promptly fell asleep. My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief.

The EARDOC is gentle and soothing. DS loves to use it.

After day 3 of using the EARDOC, his nose was clear! What’s also amazing is he sat still while we used it on him. I expected him to squirm, but it seemed to relax him and he was more likely to balk once the treatment was over, rather than during it. He also wanted to use it on himself and treat me, his sister and his daddy as well.

I also had a little ear pain during the same time, so I used it on myself. After a couple days, I no longer had any ear pain! The pain that I had off and on for a few months was gone. I am an EARDOC believer.

The EARDOC is very easy to use. It is battery powered (batteries not included) and has a siding button that allows you to control the vibration level. Start out at a low setting and adjust for your

My daughter also loves the EARDOC. She has no ear issues, but just likes the "ear massage."

comfort level. You can use on each ear up to one minute, but you can use as often as needed throughout the day.

It’s been about 3 weeks since using the EARDOC. Yesterday was my son’s 18 month visit and as I suspected, we do NOT have an ear infection! Thank you to the EARDOC. I truly believe we would not have gotten such great news without it!

Want one of your own? Enter our giveaway and ONE very lucky reader will win their very own EARDOC.

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  7. Of course, the kids won't let us feel left out. Here DS is using the EARDOC on daddy.

Contest ends at midnight CDT on June 17th.

Disclaimers: While the EARDOC is safe and effective, and can be used in conjunction with medication and if your child already has tubes, it is always wise to consult your doctor before any other treatment.
The EARDOC was provided free of charge for review, however the views and opinions expressed here are completely my own. No other compensation was given.

20 thoughts on “Treat ear infections naturally with the EARDOC: Review and Giveaway

  1. I wish I’d heard about this product two weeks ago. My one year old son just got ear tubes last week after months of battling fluid and ear infections. There were times when I would massage his ears and I could tell it really calmed him. I’m a believer in this product even without having used it. I know he’s probably going to continue having fluid and possibly infections and I’m positive the EARDOC will help him!! Thanks for the post!

  2. I’d love one because my 11 month old has had a persistent ear infection for about a month now. Like you I am not a fan of antibiotics but we have no other way of clearing this up.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I’m also following you on Twitter ( that is how I knew about the giveaway) and have tweeted about this post. My Twitter username is stupidclever.

  4. I had a lot of ear infections as a child, and I’d love anything that could spare my daughter the pain I went through.

  5. I would love to give it a whirl– we have 3 out of 4 kids (6 & under) prone to ear infections (also allergy kids), and it would be nice to avoid antibiotics if possible 🙂

    Something we have to catch infections that may help you is an ear infection checker at Babies R Us– it has caught most of ours early enough to start treatment and avoid eardrum rupture (our kids go from zero to rupture quickly)– it detects the level of ear fluid and gives you green (no fluid), yellow (keep an eye on) and red (fluid detected, possible infection) indicators– works great 🙂

  6. Hi ive been suffering from ear infection for two months and Ive just ordered this device I hope it works

  7. I just discovered that this product exists (via Twitter).. and I’m convinced that an angel might have contacted me. I am a 29 year old woman, and I’ve had earwax issues my entire life. Seven months ago, I realized I was completely congested and couldn’t hear out of one ear, but I just assumed that Debrox drops would take care of it. Finally, after five months, I went to a clinic where I was told that I had a middle ear infection and I was given a round of antibiotics. It didn’t clear it up. Then I broke down and made an appointment with an ENT who told me that I have fluid build up behind the ear drum in both ears. I was given a round of steroids to take, which I just finished up. No luck. Essentially, the doctor told me the steroids wouldn’t work, and I would probably have to have surgery to get ear tubes. Of course, I haven’t had any improvements. I didn’t have too much of a problem with the idea of the surgery until I finally googled the cost and almost died when I saw that it might cost as much as (or more than) $2000! I’m terrified now because I’m unemployed, uninsured, and can barely afford another doctor’s appointment let alone the surgery that will be essential. I don’t know what to do, but I can’t live with not hearing properly anymore.

    Anyway, thank you for letting me vent, and I would like to enter the giveaway. I’m scouring the internet for information on this product. Is it really too good to be true?

    (Arghhh! Okay, I JUST saw that I’m too late to enter the giveaway.. I’m still going to comment because I want to thank you for posting some, hopefully unbiased, information about this product.. I’m desperately looking for some alternative to surgery I can’t afford!)

  8. I have never seen this type of product before. My youngest son always gets his colds moving to his ears. I will certainly look into getting one of these. I haven’t seen them in the UK but I am sure I can find a supplier.


  9. My son has had eat infections non stop and the antibiotics they give him, he gets really bad reactions so I’m looking for a more natural alternative

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  11. My son keeps getting ear infections and all the docs want to do is give antibiotics. I’m fed up with their response with no other solutions. I’d like to try this if possible, please!!!

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