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Is Melamine Safe?

A reader asked this as I was just looking into this myself. It looks like they are not the safestAnother mom has also researched this.

You cannot heat melamine plates/bowls in a microwave, because that’s wear the melamine can break down and leach toxins. My question is, if I reheat something on this plate for 20 seconds, it does not get that hot, so why is it safe to put these in a dishwasher where I know for a fact it gets heated more than my microwave???

Melamine dishware is often a combination of melanine and formaldehyde. Melamine is also suspected to be what contaminated pet food and caused kidney failure in so many pets last year. So, it’s not looking so good for melamine. And formaldehyde?? Well, that’s just not good either.

Melamine has also been found in our food supply.  It is sometimes used as a protein source in food additives.  The FDA says melamine is safe, but they were surprised by the pet food contamination, we also know they claim the safety of BPA, which we now know is not safe. So, in my opinion, they are not exactly a reliable source these days.

Looks like I will be looking for new dishware, as we do use melamine plates for our 2 year old. *sigh* It just never ends. I likely will just get a few small Corelle plates — all glass and hard to break. Plus you can run them through the dishwasher, microwave, etc. Or I will get the plastic ware from IKEA, but from a non-toxic standpoint, Corelle gets my vote.

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