Dry brushing benefits and lymphatic congestion

Do you show any signs of Lymphatic congestion? It’s more common then you may think and unfortunately when we don’t take the steps to recognize that there is a problem and do something about it, like all things, it turns into a much bigger problem.

Do you dry brush? Dry brushing has benefits. It helps stimulate blood flow and removed dead, dry skin on the areas you brush. It’s believed to “wake up” your lymphatic system. It helps me feel more energized. I dry brush several times a week. I have used it as an aid in removing extra hormones across the breast. I used the smaller facial brush to help remove dry, flaky skin, caused by an autoimmune disease, around my eye. It may be beneficial in helping ward off wrinkles. While some say it’s helpful to remove cellulite, others say there is no proof. However, I can attest to smoother, healthier looking skin and that’s still a win. Treat yourself to a dry brush set!

I know, I know! It’s so hard to actually take care of yourself when you’re a mother, or even a father, because kids and all… where do we fit in the time for us?

But, you have time for a cream right?

A few moments of your time each day, to rub in this Lymphatic Cream, can make the world of difference. YES, it is as simple as that – well, it’s a start at least and better than doing nothing at all.

How does it help you ask? Let me tell you…

As our body’s natural “vacuum”, the lymphatic system gathers up dead cells, bacteria, and more! It eliminates all the junk – when it’s working! Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a natural pump, so sometimes fluid just gets stuck or becomes sluggish. This causes swelling, uncomfortable aches and pains, and can even lead to headaches, low immunity, and gut health issues. Our ingredients gently but effectively encourage fluid to get moving! Removing this built up junk promotes overall health and wellness.

Earthley’s Lymphatic Cream is a top selling products for a reason. Save using the code on the graphic.

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