Let’s get grounded!

Grounding or earthing is a therapeutic activity involving certain activities to “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth. Relying on earthing science & grounding physics to explain how electrical charges from the earth can have great effects on your body, grounding can have many many benefits to ones body.

This can be done for inflammation, cardio diseases, muscle damage, chronic pain, & mood. According to one review study, the theory is that the practice affects living matrix, which is the central connector between living cells. Electrical activity exists in this matrix that functions as an immune system defense. This is very similar to antioxidants. It is believed that through grounding, the bodies natural defenses can be restored.

There are several types of grounding such as walking barefoot, lying on the ground, being immersed in water, & using grounding equipment. So get out there and run barefoot, lay under the stars, & jump into that lake.

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