Salt. It’s essential for life. But did you know the type of salt you use matters? This is something I recently learned. The white stuff we typically use to flavor our food is refined and stripped of its minerals in the process. Other ingredients are often added, sometimes including sugar and anti caking agents. Salt is processed and bleached for various reasons including removing toxins, but also removed the beneficial minerals and elements that are beneficial to our health. Iodine is often added to prevent thyroid swelling, or goiters, but it is not a sufficient amount to do so.

We started using Redmond’s Real Salt recently and we have made the switch to using Redmond’s to season our foods. I use the table salt to clean my cast iron pans. Redmond’s is milled from Redmond, Utah. You can see the difference in the mineral content between the salts.

My daughter kept having to urinate frequently and her doctor said to be sure we were using Redmond’s Real Salt. The salt is needed so the body can retain the water and be able to use it to hydrate the body before it leaves the body.

Did you know this about salt? What type of salt do you use?

Here is Redmond’s Real Salt on Amazon.

Read more about the differences in salt here.

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