With the warm weather here, the bugs are out!

But don’t be too quick to grab a store-bought bug spray. Almost all contain DEET, which is a toxic ingredient and better kept off your skin.

Luckily, safer natural options do exist!

Did you know about these risks?

Deet is the most effective and widely used insect repellent but it has many harmful effects like:⁠

  1. The use of it with children can cause seizures and can increase their risk of WNV infection.⁠
  2. Deet has the potential to cause effects on pregnant mamas with the development of the fetus.⁠
  3. The chemical ingestion of deet causes a peak plasma level in the body, causing toxic effects like seizures, hypotension, & coma.⁠
  4. For many people deet can cause skin reactions and allergic reactions like redness, rash, swelling, & hives (especially if applied for an extended amount of time). ⁠

⁠Have you tried a natural bug spray or repellent? If so, comment below your favorite ones?

I have used Badger Anti-Bug Balm and this year using Earthley’s Pest Aside (I love the smell!)

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