I am so excited to share this news. 🥰

As most of you know I have been trying to live a more natural lifestyle and although this has been a journey that I’ve had to navigate and learn along the way, I feel like I am making strides to better mine and my family’s health.

Throughout this journey I have been hoping that I can find a business to support that reflects my beliefs and the type of help and information I wish to share with others who may want to look into ways to live naturally too. It is my hope to not only help others, as well as my own family, but to try and get a home-based business off the ground.

I feel like being at home with my children is important and that this business may help me, in the long-run, to become a little more financially stable and provide more free time to spend doing the things that matter most; which is making memories with my family. But getting a business off the ground isn’t the only important thing here; I also feel like it’s important to share information with those who may not know where to begin with natural living, and to provide those people with natural alternatives that are easy to use, understand, are affordable and won’t easily overwhelm.

It is my hope that I’ll be successful on both ends of this scale and would like to invite you all to learn about Earthley Wellness. It’s a company I have come to know and love.

Earthley Wellness is a herbal based company, owned and operated by a homeschooling mother of six, who created a business with her husband based on the herbal remedies she had been making for her own family’s use. Kate, who is well known in the natural community and had established a following of more than 70,000 went on to publish several books on herbal remedies and eventually Co-Authored ‘Natural Remedies for Kids,’ along with Dr. Bob Zajac M.D. After being wildly successful in the creation of her herbal products, blog, and the information she was sharing based on over ten years of research, Kate launched Earthley and the business took off! Although small at first over the last few years Earthley Wellness now offers more than one hundred and fifty variations of products including natural and organic hair care, skin care, body care, herbal tinctures & extracts, vitamins and supplements, soaps, nutritional support and more. Earthley was recently Leaping Bunny certified which is the gold standard when making sure that products are cruelty free and the majority of Earthley’s products are vegan.

As a registered affiliate with Earthley I am now able to sell these products and yes I do earn commission from sales. I have a Facebook group where you can learn about these products and invite you all to join. Of course, I won’t just be sharing products I’ll also be offering information about living a natural lifestyle and sharing some of our personal lifestyle along the way. I hope to see you in my group shortly and appreciate all the support I have already received. Join by clicking here.

To see what Earthley has to offer, go to http://www.earthley.com/ref/trishag13/

Want even more of this type of content in a community setting? Join my Facebook group, Natural and Holistic Living Mama.

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