I didn’t post my daughters lunch yesterday. Time just got away from me and I forgot!

She had rice and beans (rice, black beans, onions, with bits of sausage and bacon). Plus peanut butter and strawberry jelly roll ups. The apple was her snack.


Today my son packed daddy’s “concoction,” cucumber and cream cheese roll ups, tomato slices and plum slices. So you are wondering what concoction is? Something my husband invented after learning more about the Paleo diet. He (OK, I) take romaine (or other dark leafy green like kale), carrots, onion, bell pepper, cucumber and broccoli and run it through the food processor. Just use your desired amount of each item. We top that with sun dried tomatoes, sun flower seeds, apple cider vinegar, tobacco and sometimes extra virgin olive oil. My son usually prefers it without the ACV, so basically just eats a bowl of shredded veggies! And he absolutely LOVES it.


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Keep checking back daily for more healthy lunch ideas.

One thought on “Today’s healthy bento box lunch

  1. to all: i wanted to look at our winery pics again n when i did, i noticed i didn’t reply anyone. so sorry, cos we didn’t have much internet acess then. CK: we did :)shan: tt’s d idea so u can save a trip there :)wwobok:mahseh, u shd :)mike:a very happy new year to u & fam too:)precious: we did go but it was rainin, plus they close 5 pm :)bigboys: oh u shd :)leila: happy 2008 to u too :)gregwee: :)eunice: its a Panasonic FZ50, it’s in between a point & shoot and a full dslr.:)myf: u too, happy 2008! 🙂

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