I found this great article on getting kids to eat healthy. With today’s busy lifestyle, it can often seem hard to do, but there are some simple things parents can do. The quickest and likely easiest change is to eat dinner as a family without any distrations like TV. It’s a great time for everyone to share what happened in their day and lets kids see you eat your greens.

Here is the Reader’s Digest version of the tips, but be sure to read the entire article for more on how to make these tips a reality in your home.

  • Eat with your children.
  • Make food fun! Experiment with new foods and make meals as colourful and as rich in variety as possible.
  • Include two portions of vegetables in your evening meal, and provide fruit or a fruit-based pudding for dessert.
  • ‘Hide’ fruit and vegetables if necessary. Blend it into soups, chop it finely into lasagne and bolognese, make strawberry ice cream, and whip up fruit smoothies.
  • Encourage children to drink water or sugar-free diluting juice between meals. This will help prevent dehydration, which can lead to constipation and poor concentration.
  • If you have a fussy eater in the household, don’t give up hope. Children’s tastes often change as they grow older. Keep trying, but don’t focus too much on the issue. Try serving the same foods in different forms — for example, people who dislike the texture of broccoli often find it more palatable in a sauce or soup.
  • Include a portion of lean meat or another protein in every meal.
  • Pack a healthy lunchbox. ‘Disguise’ vegetables in sandwich fillings, vary the fillings as much as possible, provide plain yoghurt and a piece of fruit that’s easy to eat.
  • Make sure your children eat breakfast.

Read the entire article.

For fast and easy, kid-friendly recipes that even parents can enjoy, check out my new favorite website, Weelicious.com

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4 thoughts on “10 tips for getting your kids to eat healthy

  1. All good ideas. I would also add cook and bake with your children and if possible have a vege garden, even a tub on the patio will do. Our fussy eater also has to lick any foods he doesn’t like…sounds a bit gross, but for some kids it takes multiple exposures to add it to their repotoire. Also, cautious not to make fussy eaters eat things like egg, wheat, dairy, nuts etc with so many allergies/intolerances about.

    1. Agree with you! I encourage my kids to cook with me. If nothing else, it gets them to try new things. Plus they are proud of themselves (builds self-esteem) and helps them learn responsibility and to help with family chores. Of course since its fun, they don’t realize its happening! LOL Glad you mentioned a tub on the patio, that’s the type of garden we’ll be planting this year! 🙂

  2. My kids are not healthy. I am worried. Actually they do not like to eat food.
    I think that your tips will help me more. I will try to follow your all tips. Thanks for sharing amazing tips. You did good job for me.

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