My son had several bouts of cradle cap as an infant. I really didn’t want to have to buy a special shampoo, as the natural ones are very expensive. My cousin’s daughter also had a bad case and her pediatrician recommended Head and Shoulders (eek!) and no way was I using that on myself, let alone my child. So did a little research and discovered something I already had in my pantry would clear it up – extra virgin olive oil.
1.       Rub a small amount of EVOO on the affected area. Should saturate the area, but should not be dripping.
2.       Let sit for about 30 minutes to let the EVOO soften the scales. If it is a severe case, you can even let on overnight.
3.       Gently comb out the flakes with a fine tooth comb. Be very careful if you have a young infant since their skin is so tender. If you have a newborn, you can use the soft comb from the hospital to gently soften and brush away the flakes. You may want to have a washcloth handy to wipe the flakes off of the comb as you go.
4.       Shampoo as normal.
I am surprised at how effective this is, and so inexpensive. Typically one application got it all. On some occasions where his cradle cap was bad and I didn’t let it sit long enough, I had to repeat the process the next night.
Alternative: try organic virgin coconut oil instead. Worked just as well and smelled great! The last time he had a patch I used coconut oil and it has not been back since. Not sure if it was related, but it was not as bad as it had previously been either.

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4 thoughts on “Natural remedies for cradle cap

  1. A biotin deficiency is often linked to cradle cap. If mom is nursing, she can supplement. Also, if cradle cap comes up after solids are introduced or milk-based formula is used you might suspect an allergy! 🙂 Coconut oil is great to use in case it has a fungal basis, and you’re right! It does smell fantastic! 🙂

  2. When your baby is first born she will perfect to you in every way, even if she has flaws like many babies do. There are any number of scars or imperfections that you may discover on your baby, but nothing is quite as unnerving as when cradle cap first appears. When my daughter was born I was well aware of this problem and the fact that it would most likely happen to her at some point in the first few months of her life. I had taken the time to read up on the condition and thought I was fully prepared for whenever it would happen. I read all of the advice about not letting the appearance of cradle cap upset me, and I was fully determined to stick to my guns and treat it casually when the time came.*

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