I used to think nursing tops were not necessary, just another way for someone to make some money. Then Judy from A Mother’s Boutique asked if I would try Larrivo’s Emily nursing tunic, so I agreed. The first night I used this as sleepwear, I totally got the whole nursing top thing. It was soooo much easier than wrestling with an oversized t-shirt while half-awake at 3am as my son was desperately trying to latch on.

Showing drop cup access in Madison

Now I want to know if this baby comes in long sleeved versions as it’s getting right cold outside, and is there such a thing as a nursing robe for those cold nights, or is that taking things a bit too far?

I now wish I would have invested in a couple nursing tops and dresses that I could have worn to church, weddings and other family events that I have attended during my nursing career. The investment would have paid for itself. Yes, I’m kicking myself. After all, this is my 2nd child and my first nursed for more than 2 years. I admit I am a little slow to adapt.

The tunic has a built-in bra, so you don’t have to lift your shirt (and expose that post-baby belly), or dig down the neck opening to unsnap the cup when you are trying to discreetly nurse in public, or battle a hungry baby. It also features easy-to-use and drop down cups that snap open and closed easily with one hand (very important).

I have the tunic in Skye. Alone it looks like sleepwear, but when you pair it with some cute leggings and a jacket, you are ready for a day (or night) out on the town. Or for a business look, I think the Skye cami would look really cute under a sand-colored suit. Also, the empire waist style is forgiving – it’s slightly ‘flowy’ helping to disguise that lingering baby belly. Or can even be worn throughout pregnancy.

Comfort is also important, and the Emily nursing tunic delivers. It’s very soft and offers good bra support as well. It’s definitely comfortable to sleep in, so you know it will be comfortable for any event.

The Larrivo Emily nursing wear is a winner in my book!

You can buy Larrivo nursing tops at A Mother’s Boutique or enter to win one here! Winner will receive their choice of the tunic or dress style in either the Skye or Madison Garden print.

To be entered into this contest please leave a comment on this post which tells us which is your favorite type of nursing access – drop cup or empire – In addition, please tell us if you think you would wear these pieces for sleepwear or daywear – This is MANDATORY in order to be considered for a prize.

Get bonus entries!! You can enter for extra chances to win one of these great tunics or dresses by doing any of the activities below. Just be sure to come back here and leave us a comment for each one – letting us know which ones you completed.

1) Sign up to be a fan of Larrivo on facebook.

2) Spread the word! Tweet about this post and link back to it – be sure to include @greenparenting in your tweet and a link back to this page, and leave a comment here with a link to your tweet (you can do this once per day during the contest).

3) Spread the word some more! Post about this contest on facebook and tell all of your friends about it! (you can do this once per day during the contest)

4) Don’t have a blog, not on facebook or twitter? No problem, we want you to have extra chances to win too – so go ahead and send an email to any of your pregnant or nursing friends. Be sure to cc: us on your email (bhamgreenparent@gmail.com) and leave a comment here too! We promise not to add anyone to any mailing lists unless they specifically request to be added.

5) Purchase any item from Larrivo in A Mother’s Boutique Store – and leave a comment here with the last 4-digits of your order number. You will get 4 extra chances to win for every purchase!

That’s it! Lots of ways to win a tunics or chemise dress from Larrivo!! This contest ends 12/29/09 at 11:59pm EST. All entrants will be verified and must complete the mandatory entry before completing the ‘extra’ entries. Invalid entries will be disqualified. This contest is open to people with US-based delivery addresses ONLY. Winner must respond to email within 48 hours or we reserve the right to choose another winner.

This product was received free of charge from Larrivo and A Mother’s Boutique. No compensation was received for writing this review. The opinions expressed here are my own fully, honest opinions and in no way was influenced by receiving this product.

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53 thoughts on “Larrivo maternity nursingwear review and giveaway!!

  1. I like the empire nursing access because I feel it is more discreet. If I were wearing the top at home, I would prefer the drop cup as it tends to allow quicker access.

  2. Larrivo makes great nursingwear! The drop-cup access is great for my son, he feels he can get more skin-to-skin contact v. the empire access. Larrivo’s styles are versatile to use as loungewear or as dressed up to go out! The camis are wonderful with jeans!

  3. I love the empire style. I definitely wear nursing wear at night, but if it was nice enough I would be able to wear it during the day to work! I’m game for anything that makes feeding the baby easier for me.

  4. Thank you for the chance to win 🙂 I’m new to breastfeeding, so the only type of nursing top that I have tried is the drop cup. However I usually improvise when out in public if I’m not wearing one, and wear two shirts on top of each other, one that can come down (underneath) and one that goes over top for some privacy. This would function something like the empire style you mentioned. I think in the cooler months especially where I’m living, the empire style would be much more appropriate, but both have their strong points. I would use the empire style, or drop cup for day wear definitely 🙂

  5. I like the drop cup acacess myself. I’d probably wear the dress as sleepwear because I need some cute nightwear.

  6. I like the built-in bra and drop-cup style the best. The empire style is very nice as well, but you still have to wear a nusing bra underneath for support and then you’re fumbling through 2 layers, which isn’t always great when you have an impatient nurser! I didn’t discover nursing tops until my 4th child but I absolutely LIVED in them for the whole year I breastfed. I wore them to bed and wore them all day as well. I am pregnant with my fifth and can’t wait to acquire more of these must-have’s! The Larrivo tops look awesome and I’m so excited to discover another line of nursing wear – can’t wait to try them! I am becoming a fan on FB. 🙂

  7. I like the drop cup at home, and the empire for NIP. If I had to pick just one for all-around use, I’d say empire. I’d wear Madison for daywear, but I’m have to say Skye for sleepwear…simply because that dress shape doesn’t look good on me.

  8. I like the drop cup style – I have a very impatient nurser! These tops are cute. Depending on how low cut it fit on me I would totally wear these as day-wear… unless its too low cut, then I would stick to wearing it around the house or at night.

  9. I’m only a B cup and prefer a drop-cup for better access. I nursed my son for 2 years and life is a lot easier with dedicated nursing wear instead of winging it with other clothing. I’m due again in March and would probably wear these tops in the daytime with a loose, pretty cardigan for warmth and an added way to be discreet in public.

  10. I prefer the drop cup, although i’ve never tried any other type. I also like the tunic version better as I don’t usually wear dresses and I would wear it during the day as a normal shirt.

  11. After BFing my first daughter I’ve grown to love drop cup attire. I would wear it at home or in public. I prefer nursing clothes during the day time and going out simply because I don’t wear tops to bed while BFing.

  12. I have not tried the empire wiast tops so I’d have to say my favorite is drop cup. With my first child I was never brave enough to try nursing in public so the nursing wear tops I had were just for sleeping. What a nice convience though to have supportive nursing wear for pajamas during those late night feedings.

  13. Although I like both styles, I prefer the drop cup style. I would probably wear it at night and as lounge wear. I think its great that companies relize that nursing clothes have to be fashionable.

  14. I like the drop cup, it’s easier to keep the other breast from being exposed to our cold winter air and to keep the nursing pad pressed firmly to avoid leaking! I’d definitely wear the tunic for daytime, but the dress style (since I’m not really a dress person) would most likely be sleepwear for me.

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  15. I like the empire because it seems more discreet but I never find anything I like that is that style. I like the drop cup though, very convenient, especially for those 18 middle of the night feeds we still have, lol.

  16. The drop cup certainly looks more comfortable, I would like it best. These look great for day wear, where discrete breastfeeding is important. Thank you guys for the chance to win!

  17. I love the drop cup, it makes is so easy for use at home. But also easier to be discreet if you choose to go out!!

  18. Thanks for having the contest! My favorite type of nursing wear is the drop cup. I would wear the drop cup or empire for daywear with my 2 year old. I wear a nursing bra to sleep in, so I would not wear any tops at night.

  19. I’ve only ever used the drop-cup style, but then again, I don’t have many nursing tops. I’m a little new at breastfeeding (my son is 11 weeks), and not entirely comfortable breastfeeding in public, so I wear mostly wear regular shirts and just yank ’em up to feed. That tunic is ADORABLE!

  20. The only nursing tops I own are drop cup, so I guess I prefer that, but I’ve never actually had an empire to compare too. I’m thinking that I probably should invest in some though since I’m sure I will have a long breastfeeding career ahead of me!

    Depending on the fabric and thickness, I would definately consider it for day wear in warmer months, but it looks like it would function perfectly as a nightgown too.

  21. I like the drop cup the best! It seems to have more support for the bigger sizes, which is important now that I’m nursing #3. 🙂

  22. These are such nice tops and dresses, it nice to be able to still look and feel feminine when you are breastfeeding. I really like the Empire line of these.

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