The Samsung Impression a877 had the lowest radiation level

According to a new 10-month long research study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the answer is maybe. One thing is definite, cell phone do emit radiation, and at levels that concern scientists for possible cancer risks. Whether or not cell phone radiation poses a health risk remains uncertain, however, several studies have suggested increased risk of brain and mouth cancers, as well as an increase in children’s behavior problems, among frequent cell phone users.

The EWG studied over 1,000 cell phone sold in the US and rank the top 10 best (low radiation) and 10 worst (high radiation) cell phones. You can search the EWG’s cell phone radiation database to see how your phone rates.

What about the little chip that promised to diffuse radiation away from your head? According to the research, they do little if any good because it weakens the phone’s signal making it work harder, thus uses more radiation to do so.

What can you do to limit exposure?
There are ways to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation. The EWG has a printable guide for reducing exposure to cell phone radiation.  

Send a message to manufacturers by purchasing phones with the lowest level of radiation.

You can also get involved by telling the FCC and the FDA to modernize cell phone radiation standards to the lowest level possible.

For more info: Read the entire Cell Phone Radiation Report.

3 thoughts on “Can your cell phone give you cancer?

  1. Thanks so much for sharing our report with your readers, we really appreciate it. We have an embeddable widget if you wish to share it with your readers, then they can search right from your post:
    Also, we discuss the issue of cell phone radiation exposure to children, which might also be of interest to your readers:

    Are cell phones safe for children?

    Research groups around the world have concluded that current cell phone radiation standards may not protect children. These concerns have prompted the governments of Switzerland, Germany, France, Finland, Israel and U.K. as well as the European Parliament to recommend limiting cell phone use for children, and encouraging children to keep phone calls short and send text messages instead of calling.

    In 2008 the National Academy of Sciences published a comprehensive review of available studies on biological effects from cell phone radiation. Hundreds have been published. Many more are needed, some quite basic, the Academy found.

    “Perhaps the single most important question concerning the health effects of exposure to [cell phone radiation] is the possible link between such exposures and cancer risk,” said the Academy. They recommended a study of childhood brain tumors for one, “owing to widespread use of mobile phones among children and adolescents and the possibility of relatively high exposures to the brain…”

    Radiation exposures are higher for children than adults because of children’s thinner skulls and their brains’ higher water and ion (charged particle) content, all factors that enhance radiation penetration. Researchers in the U.S., France and Japan have reported that children’s brains absorb twice more radiation compared to adults’. Higher exposures combined with sensitive, developing brain tissue leave children at a greater risk for damage from cell phone radiation.

    Baby monitors also use radiofrequency radiation, the kind emitted by cell phones. To ensure the safety of a newborn child, it is best to call the manufacturers to find out the radiation emissions (called SAR values) for these devices.

    Hope this is a positive addition to your conversation about cell phone radiation.

  2. New AERIUS Cell Phones Direct Microwave Signals Away from Users

    Aerius International Ltd. ( has developed revolutionary cell phone technology that will direct virtually all RF microwaves AWAY from the head and torso of cell phone users. The new cell phones from Aerius will be available early in 2010. “Among other benefits, Aerius cell phones virtually eliminate health risks associated with long-term use of wireless phones recently reported by the World Health Organization.” said Bill Luxon, AERIUS INTERNATIONAL LTD., CEO

    The December 2009 Aerius Press Release is available @

  3. It is now an established fact that there is a link between brain tumors and the excess use of mobile phones.
    Would a solution be for all manufacturers of cell phones to have a cell phone radiation shield fitted to every phone.
    The cost is not prohibitive and certainly by mass production the cost should be very low.

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