There are many ways to go green and it can be very simple to do. Plus it’s healthier for your family and the planet.

While you don’t need to do a greening overhaul, taking baby steps is a great way to get there and a great choice to make. Take things one step at a time and replace those cleaning products as you run out, doing spring cleaning and replace BPA-ladened cups, dishes, etc., vow to bike/carpool/walk to work, eat more organics.

Whole Foods is having a Green Resolution contest. And while you are at it, please comment below your green tip, green resolution or favorite way to go green.

Mine is I am going to start cleaning the tub with baking soda!


One thought on “Earth Day: Make a green resolution

  1. Happy Earth Day! My own resolution to “put my money where my mouth is” as far as knowing what companies are producing truly green products, is a success! The company Shaklee not only has super concentrated products that work better than ANY products i’ve tried, green AND otherwise, but their concentrated formulas are also brilliant in keeping C02 shipping product costs at a minimum! I’ve saved hundreds by not having to do down the dredded cleaning aisle at the store. Ck out:–some great deals going on. My fav product is Scour-Off! Made from peach pits and cleans my tub like a champion!!

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