The Soft Landing has created a cheat sheet that sorts out the BPA chaos over Nuby’s products. I know trying to figure out which of their products are BPA-free or not has been a headache for many parents, including myself. I called them regarding which were BPA-free and which were not, and I swear the lady seemed just as confused as anyone. Thanks to the Soft Landing for helping sort this out! You can check it out here.

Nuby products are easy to find at most discount retail stores, baby stores and can be purchased online for the best selection.

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2 thoughts on “What Nuby products are BPA-free?

  1. I think you are referring to the 9th picture down on that page. The no-spill cup is BPA free! It’s shaped kinda like an hour glass and have ripples, or grippers in the middle of the cup, making it easier for little hands to hold. If that’s the cup, then you are in good shape!

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