This comes as no surprise. As mentioned earlier, the FDA met today to once again review data on the safety of BPA. And once again they are standing behind its safety despite research they were presented that showed BPA could be linked to health issues in humans. They did conclude more research needs to be done, so really, we learned nothing new here.

The only thing that made sense in the entire NY Times article is this:

But Dr. Ana Soto of Tufts University said the study raised enough concerns to warrant government action to limit BPA exposure.

“We shouldn’t wait until further studies are done in order to act in protecting humans,” said Dr. Soto, who has called for more restrictions in the past.

Amen sister. If human health is at risk, then this should not be an “innocent until proven guilty” situation. There is enough evidence to the National Toxicology folks to give BPA a label of “some concern” when discussing BPA’s effects on human health.

While I had little hopes in the FDA doing the right thing, I am still dissapointed.

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