I found this article with a great list and some tips for selecting non-toxic backpacks for back to school. My daughter is just 2, so I have not looked into this, but lucky for those who do have school-aged children, someone has already done the research for safe back pack options.

“While Congress has recently voted to ban toxic lead and phthalates from toys,  the legislation does not cover children’s backpacks, many of which are made of vinyl containing both toxic substances. Lead, high exposures of which cause learning problems (not so cool for back to school) and phthalates, linked to obesity and lower sperm counts, readily migrate out of vinyl and onto children’s fingers, and thence into their mouths. Phthalates also evaporate into the air and get inhaled; studies have shown they contribute to asthma and other respiratory problems in children.

When shopping for backpacks, make sure they’re PVC-free at a minimum, and made of recycled materials to get an E (for eco and excellence) plus. Here are some recommendations.”

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10 thoughts on “Nontoxic backpacks for back to school

  1. Wow – thanks for the info! I never thought I’d have to worry about toxic backpacks for my preschooler… geez

  2. Thanks for posting vital information about toxins in children’s backpacks. I had no idea that the vinyl in most backpacks children take to school contains toxic materials that spread so easily. I appreciate the links in this post that give parents places to get ‘vinyl’ free or ‘pvc’ free backpacks.

    1. The review of the BMW F650GS is done and uploaded it. It’s not as indepth as this review but still covers a fair bit. Also has a written review in the description of the video. Either go to my main page and it’s the latest video or it’s a waHoc?v=FbDbktDcXbhAs always, if you have any question just put them on the comments section of the bike.

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  3. Just bought an affordable backpack from Target that’s PVC free. It’s Trans by Jansport. Retails at about $30. Wanted to share with others.

  4. dallasmom, thanks for sharing. I did not see anything online about it being PVC-free — I believe you though! I was also checking to see if I could find if it was lead free. I would caution parents to look out for lead in backpacks as well. Thanks for the info!

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