I came across this article today, though had seen similar mentions in the last few days. Granite countertops have been detected as having high levels of radon — enough to potentially contaminate the air quality of your home. A home radon detection kit may help you determine if your family is at risk. I am also very glad I did not go for granite in my kitchen!

So what types of counter tops are safe? Many formica countertops have a laminate over particle board and particle board is known to emit gases like formaldahyde. So that’s not great news either.

A friend of mine poured concrete countertops — durable, modern and non-toxic. They loved them.

There are several other eco-friendly options here including recycled glass, end-grain bamboo, recycled paper, sustainable wood, and recycled aluminum. Personally, I would avoid the aluminum as it has its own issues (ie, may be linked to Alzhiemer’s).

Other options are Enviroglas, Lithistone, Syndecrete and IceStone.

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5 thoughts on “Granite Countertops May Be Radioactive

  1. hey guys thanks for this informative article. It makes me wonder how many other things around our homes are reasons for concern. I have learnt to take what my children say about things their body tells them a lot more seriously because they seem to be far more sensitive to these chemicals that are everywhere around us. Thanks again for a great thought provoking article. Tonys Product Reviews

  2. John, I am certainly not an expert on countertops, but I had a friend who did concrete countertops. They looked fantastic! I do believe though, that they would have to be poured onsite. I would find it hard to believe they could pre-make them since they have to fit your existing kitchen exactly. I’d talk to someone who specialiizes in countertops though!

  3. I’d worry more about second-hand smoke than your countertops.

    From http://www.lawyersusaonline.com/index.cfm/archive/view/id/431554

    “In July, the EPA released a statement that the complaints of radon levels in granite countertops were based on “junk science” and that the emissions were too low to cause harm.
    “While natural minerals such as granite may occasionally emit radon gas, the levels of radon attributable to such sources are not typically high,” the EPA statement said. “EPA believes the principal source of radon in homes is soil gas that is drawn indoors through a natural suction process.”

    I’n neither a lawyer or a countertop installer. Just a guy looking for info on granite countertops.
    Seems like most of this misinformation can be traced back to manufacturers that compete with granite countertops, like Silestone and Cambria.

    Just my $.02 worth.

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