Another great sunscreen! And another great product by California Baby for that matter. On our beach trip, I used California Baby SPF 30 Sunscreen – Fragrance-Free on our 2 year old. It worked great! No burns, pinkness or barely any sun tan.

The product went on smoothly, was not greasy and didn’t leave white residue. It held up great in the water, as we spent most of our time in the pool. We reapplied about every 1.5 – 2 hours. It contains all safe ingredients and is chemical and paraben-free, though the EWG’s website says it has a PEG chemical which usually contains dioxanes which are a probably carcinogen. However, I did not recall seeing this on the bottle I have. As I have mentioned before, the EGW’s website is a great guide, but don’t take it for gospel. Always, always double check ingredients, as formulas often change.

But the sunscreen did its job and did it well. I have no complaints, other than it is a little pricey. I definitely recommend this product!

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