I can’t wait to receive my shipment of cloth baby wipes! After my very disappointing discovery that my favorite baby wipe, Kirkland Premium Baby Wipes from Costco, contain an extremely hazardous ingredient, this was the final straw that finally got me to go cloth.

I have been wanting to cloth for while for several reasons: less waste in the environment, they are non-bleached, plus more gentle on the baby’s skin than using those harmful chemicals in the wipes. I looked at Tushies and Seventh Generation and those will be my primary wipes of choice for on the road, but at home we will use cloth. Tushies and Seventh Generation are the only disposable wipes that I feel comfortable using. All others contain ingredients I am not comfortable exposing my baby too.

I may make some of my own, but I want to make sure the cloth is all cotton, very soft and preferably unbleached, organic cotton would be a plus as well. I imagine that may not be the easiest thing to find. I thought of washcloths, but could not find any I liked that were soft enough (and not $5 a pop). And I know many mothers cut up those extra receiving blankets, but as luck would have it, I don’t have extra to spare! I received just what I needed. If you make your own, make sure to use cotton (or bamboo which is starting to make a big splash). From what I heard, polyester is very rough to the skin

I figured I will try a set of a few kinds and then stock up on the ones I like. These are what I ordered.

1. Kissaluvs Terry Wipes
2. BumGenius Bamboo wipes
3. Flannel, unbleached wipes

Once I get these and try them out for a bit, I will post a review on each.

Update: I have these now and have reviewed each one here.

2 thoughts on “Going to cloth wipes

  1. I use cloth wipes, too, and have never turned back nor regretted it. I bought 3 packs of Gerber washcloths… the thin terry variety with the simple serged edge. Cost effective, and the perfect thickness. They don’t get all stuck together like the flannel wipes I bought, they are perfect!!

  2. I love cloth wipes, thank you so much for making the switch so simplified. I was looking into that Diaper Spray from California Baby you mentioned in another post, but the price and availability wasn’t convenient enough so I decided to look for a homemade recipe. I got a spray bottle and put the following in it:

    2 TBS olive oil
    2 TBS Dr. Bonner’s Organic Castile soap
    2 Cups Water

    (you can add Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, or Chamomile Oil. I even saw recipes with Aloe Vera)

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