I am not sure why I was so oblivious to this when I am so anal about not using plastic in the microwave, and am working to eliminate as much plastic as I can from my life period. And now I can’t remember where I heard or saw the reminder about not using plastics in the nuker and that included frozen meals – UGH! Just when I thought I was on to something to save money from eating out at lunch and found a way to eat a balanced meal to include cooked veggies. Not that these meals had the best taste (probably no thanks to the plastic’s chemicals that leeched into it!), but they were convenient, inexpensive and provided a balanced and well-portioned meal. Ah well, guess it is back to homemade leftovers or some good ole PB&Js (made with natural peanut butter and low or no-sugar jelly of course!)

Speaking of jelly, I bought some natural fruit spread at Whole Foods months ago and wow! It tastes even better without the added sugar and other added junk. Sad they have to add that stuff to conventional jelly and ruin it!

At least the little pizza I am eating for lunch was not cooked in plastic, though not sure what that little silver disc is made out of, or if it is safe. Probably not.

7 thoughts on “Plastic in frozen meals

  1. Maybe you didn’t read the article, but I was talking about COOKING in plastic. Most peanut butter comes in plastic anyway, last least I have not seen any in glass jars. And I prefer the natural peanut butter because I don’t need a bilion grams of sugar per serving.

    And living a little is precisely the reason I want to get rid of much of the plastic and other toxins in my house. I do want to live and without toxic-chemicals that will increase my chances of cancer and other disease. Not to mention plastic is terrible for the environment, including the air, animals, our water, food, etc. I don’t believe in global warming, but it’s very obvious that our environment affects our health. And as a parent, that concerns me because how we treat the Earth today will affect the health of my children years from now.

    And let’s be honest, for most people, access to safer products is readily available. Natural peanut butter is right next to the sugar-laddened Jiffy peanut butter, just as organic milk is right next to hormone and antibiotic-laddened milk. I do not have to go out of my way to make healthier choices for my family (though I would if needed), everything is right there available for me to choose healthier options, so why wouldn’t I make those healthier choices? It just makes sense…

  2. howdy, I have been boycotting “disposable” plastic products for 18 months. Started cos I hated what it was doing to environmnet but as I find out more, worry about what it might be doing for me. I have sourced lots of plastic free alternatives -. You might find them useful. go to http://www.plasticisrubbish.wordpress.com

  3. I remember looking for “healthier” jelly in the regular grocery the last time I shopped for it. It took me forever to find something I considered worthwhile putting in m body that didn’t have a ton of sugar! AND the extra expense and tiny jar was awful. No wonder so many of us cannot afford to eat healthily!

  4. Paige, do you have a Whole Foods near you? Or you may try a similar organic/health food store. But at WF I found a jar of jelly without sugar for $2. It was not a huge jar, but compared to the other healthy jellies on the shelf, it was a bargain for sure! It seems to have more flavor too, so you can probably get by with using a little less. We don’t eat jelly that often, so I felt OK about the price, especially since it was much healthier!

    Hope that helps.

  5. The “local” WF is 45 minutes away, so I’ve only been once. Not very environmentally friendly for me to hike that far these days. But thanks, I will keep looking. We have a decent organic section in our Martin’s grocery.

  6. when will they realize that the middle class is slowly disappearing and we cannot always afford the healthier alternatives. i do what i can, where i can – but it is not that easy. and whole foods is not close, and from what i have found – still very pricey when you are trying to feed a family on a budget

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