While this artile is probably not exclusive of all canned food manufacturers, it does list a few who realize the dangers of BPA and have opted for alternatives. Companies such as Eden Foods, an organic company, have cans that are BPA-free. The cans only cost them a little more than 2 cents more per can over the BPA-tainted ones. Granted their canned food is expensive, at about $3.50 per can at my local Whole Foods.

I personally am avoiding canned foods as much as absolutely possible. I prefer frozen veggies anyway and fresh fruit, so other than the occassional refried beans to marry with our tacos, I have found I do not even miss using canned food. While fresh fruit takes a little more work to prepare, the taste is certainly worth it. And frozen veggies are just as easy as canned (and the organic versions are very affordable).

But should you still want canned versions that are BPA-free, check out this article for the few options available.

One thought on “Canned food without bisphenol A

  1. Canned foods has additives/ preservatives on it which maybe dangerous for the health. as much as possible, it’s better to opt to natural and organic foods.

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