Praise for the Today Show for discussion the use of plastics, particularly BPA. Sadly many parents have no idea that BPA is not safe at any level, yet it is found everywhere in children’s products — namely baby bottles and sippy cups.  

See the report.

During the segment, Matt Lauer interviewed Dr. Leo Trasande from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s Center for Children’s Health and the Environment, who urged viewers to not to use PVC (#3 phthalates), polystyrene (#6 which is styrofoam) or polycarbonate containers (#7 which contains BPA).

PVC or Phthalates are commonly found in children’s toys — it gives the toys flexibility. BPA is also commonly found in the lining of canned foods. So it is not always as easy as just looking at the bottom of a container for a recycling symbol, however, it is a great start.

I have several other articles on BPA, please click on the Bisphenol-A category to the right to read more on how to avoid BPA.

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