Is this safe? Can others find the cute photos of your kids using just a simple web search? A friend sent me this article and it is a little scary. Most parents upload photos to photo sharing sites without giving it a second thought. It never occurs to most people that these photos may come up in a web search allowing anyone in the world to view your children’s photo(s).

I have the Picasa Web albums of my daughter all set to private so they should not come up in a web search (I have a public album for family to view, but the settings are all private to not be included in web searches). I have tried myself, and nothing came up, however, I do not think like the sickos out there, so not sure what criteria they are using that allows them to still view some children’s pictures regardless if they are set to private.

Check out this article and please share your experience. Has this happened to you? What service do you use? Are you sure your photos are private? Definitely something to think about. I would think the same goes for blogs. There are so many sick people out there, please make sure you are protecting the safety of your children.

4 thoughts on “Online Photo Sharing

  1. I dont have any photos on here. Scared to death about it. I would like photos on here but afraid of what might happen. Thanks for the info

  2. I agree with all, definitely a good post and worthy topic. I have read too many articles like the one linked in recent memory. Even some sites that emphasize they have privacy, really don’t. Example- sites that password protect or send email invites…can’t those just get forwarded around to anyone?! How is that secure? The most secure service I have found yet that is great for baby/family photos is Pixamo. The sharing branches off from your already existing relationships (family, co-workers, neighbors, etc). You must approve each other as friends and then place each other into custom privacy groups that only have access to certain photos.

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