OK, what happened to cowboys and robbers, tag, red rover, riding bikes, heck even playing video games. As a parent, how do you foresee these new ways kids are coming up with to “get high.” “Just say no to drugs” is no longer effective. Neither is “Don’t sniff glue.” And this falls outside of “Don’t choke your sister,” since you were not trying to get her high. I was shocked to read kids are doing this, though not surprised that kids are coming up with alternative methods of getting high. 

82 Deaths of Kids In U.S. Blamed On “Choking Game”

Washington (dbTechno) – According to health authorities, the “choking game” has killed at least 82 children in the United States since 1995.

The choking game is a game played by children which has them intentionally trying to choke oneself or someone else to put them in a euphoric state. It is also known as the pass-out game, or space monkey. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated the death toll could go much higher.

Robin L. Toblin of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control explained, “The choking game involves intentionally trying to choke oneself or someone else with one’s hand or a noose to obtain a brief euphoric state. If the strangulation is prolonged, death or serious injury can result.”

The choking game cuts off the blood supply to the brain, which also cuts off oxygen and can kill brain cells.

Deaths related to the game have been reported already in 31 states, with more likely to come.

There is no way to get an accurate death toll though according to Toblin.

The CDC report stated that nearly 90% of the deaths took place when boys were playing the game alone.

Children can go unconscious from this game as well, and can result in permanent disability.


2 thoughts on “82 Children Deaths Blamed on Choking Game

  1. Once I found out my friends were playing this…i freaked out because one of our very close friends had hung herself just months before…i couldnt believe they were so stupid to play that “game”

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