OK, so this does not have anything really to do with your family’s health, but it is interesting nonetheless. In 2004, a few scientists trecked up to the Artic and drilled deep into the ocean floor to obtain sedement samples. What they found was that 55 million years ago there was tropical life in the artics! That’s right, 55 million years ago, the artic circle was not covered by ice, but a layer of algea over 75 degree F waters. Hope Santa had a house boat.

Here is the article published by the BBC News. Totally interesting and totally blows the global warming argument out of the water, doesn’t it? I am not saying it is not good to reduce, reuse and recylce, I think it is still good to limit waste and clean our air, but I do not think it has much to do with global warming. The Earth warmed naturally before any cars and what not were ever around. Maybe Al Gore should fork over his Noble prize.

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