Recently I have read some amazing stories showing how breast milk was killed cancer cells. I know how great breast milk is but I didn’t know it was this good. It does make sense though considering formula fed babies are 9 times more likely to develop childhood cancers than those babies who were breastfed.

Below are several fascinating articles showing how human milk has been used to treat and cure cancer.

Here is a story of a research student who accidentally made such a discovery. He had been looking for how mother’s milk fights viruses in tissue culture. The virus is introduced into the cancer cells (or the culture) and treated with milk components to see if there is an increase of viral destruction. What resulted was the cancer cells completely dying.

Another fascinating article about the same researcher with some very interesting information on what makes breast milk so special and powerful. I have also learned that she later conducted a study with 40 cancer patients, treating their cancer with the breast milk component. Over a period of time 80% were cured of cancer, and 2 years after the study concluded, the cancer had not returned.

Another story of a scientist who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Knowing the benefits of human milk, he was able to get a friend to donate 2 oz of breast milk a day. While drinking the milk, his PSA level, used to detect prostate cancer cells, neared the normal level. Once the mother weaned ending his access to breast milk, his levels increased. Then he obtained a prescription to get breast milk from a milk bank and once back on the breast milk, his PSA levels improved again.  

If I or a family member ever gets cancer (God forbid), I pray that I will have easy access to breast milk.

Breastmilk can cure/treat a host of common illnesses and conditions including colds, burns and eczema. Please see my article on Breastmilk Cures.

7 thoughts on “Can Breast Milk Cure Cancer?

  1. Thankyou for this article. My 18 month old has recently been diagnosed with cancer and i am still breastfeeding him. He is responding so well to treatment at the moment, and i am sure that breastfeeding him really helps.

    1. I forgot i commented on this so long ago, but my son finished his cancer treatment a couple of months ago, and i am still breastfeeding him (he is nearly 3 yrs now) The Drs were amazed at how well he did and against the odds he is now cancer free and so far has no long term side effects (this is rare as every other child i know (lots) going through this same treatment has hearing loss, the drs couldnt believe that my son didnt.)
      I really believe that breastfeeding him made a big difference and is a factor in how well he responded to treatment.
      I really hope more research will be done on this!

  2. I had heard of a man with drug resistant Clostridium Difficile (diarrheal stool) and Flagyl and Vancomycin wouldn’t cure it.
    He was in the US to get treatment and him and his lactating wife were in a hotel room and he wanted cereal. There was no milk so he used his wife’s breast milk. His C.Diff was cured from the breast milk. In India breast milk was “squirted” in the eye of those with pink eye/conjuctivitis and it was cured. All of the white blood cells and immune properties of breast milk are amazing.
    I gained 70 lbs to make breast milk with a medical protocol for my adopted infant daughter..that is how much I believe in the power of breast milk!

    1. Cathy, your daughter is one blessed little girl to have a mother who goes to such great lengths to provide the best she can! Thank you for sharing. Anyone who breastfeeds their adopted child is very special in my book! God bless and thanks for sharing.

  3. I think everybody ought to get on an adult nursing relationship(anr). We would all probably be the healthier for it. I’ve done this for some time and feel great.

  4. My niece’s two year old daughter has a pineal blastoma brain tumor. They have been treating with chemo three times and then taking MRI’s. The tumor remained the same until my niece (who had just delivered her third child) started giving the two year old breast milk. The next MRI, three weeks later, showed the tumor reduced by 75%. The neurosurgeon could not believe it and said that he had never seen anything like it. This just happened the other day, so my niece will continue with the breast milk therapy as well as the traditional therapies.

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