To vaccinate or not is a hotly contested debate today. Parents have good reasons on both sides of the fence. Me? I am currently on the fence, but the more I learn, the more I am convinced that at minimum, we are over-vaxing our children.

Many vaccines contain an alarming amount of additives as well as animal and even HUMAN by-products. Nearly all vaccines contain at least 1 animal by-product, heavy chemicals, and most contain antibiotics. The MMR, as well as several others, contain cells from aborted HUMAN fetuses. This is shocking an unacceptable in my opinion. And I highly doubt the general public is aware of this. Other harmful ingredients are thimerosal (mercury based preservative), aluminum (liked to Alzheimer’s disease) and formaldehyde. Mercury is highly toxic and when combined with aluminum and formaldehyde, the synergistic effects increase 10,000-fold. Scary stuff.

The growing number of children diagnosed with Autism is alarming. Many parents say their children exhibited early signs after receiving the MMR vaccine. The preservative thimerosal (mercury) is believed to be a cause. Before the MMR vaccine, Autism cases were 1 in 10,000, today 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with Autism. Some studies show a link between the hepatitis B vaccine and diabetes, the DTaP and SIDS, and the Rotovirus vaccine and intestinal problems. Some believe the shaken baby syndrome is sometimes misdiagnosed and is really a reaction to vaccinations.

By vaxing too early in life, you interfere with the body’s own God-given, natural immune system. Doctors will tell you they “do not know” when your immune system is fully mature. I think this is because we always encounter new diseases/germs and the immune system is hard at work until the day we die. I have read that the most critical time for immune system development is the first 2 years of life, a very good reason to continue breastfeeding for 2 years as is suggested by UNICEF and the WHO. The AAP encourages nursing beyond 1 year as well.

In fact, when Japan increased the vaccination age from 2 months to 2 years, their infant mortality rate dropped drastically and they went from being ranked 17th in the world to #1. Meaning, Japan had the greatest infant survival rate in the world and these were non-vaccinated children!!

I recently picked up “The Vaccine Book” by Dr. Sears. I am still reading the book, but it is really great so far. It goes through each vaccine and he lists the pros and cons. He gives his take on where the pros outweigh the cons and gives a suggested minimum vaccination schedule for those parents who do what to vaccinate, but not fully.

Certainly this is every parent’s decision, and a very difficult one at that. Many parents vaccinate against diseases because a family member may have had the measles or mumps. Very valid reason. Other’s have researched and learned of the dangers and risks associated with vaccinations and opt not to vaccinate their child – also very valid reason.  Both groups are responsible parents and their decisions should be respected.

I found this handout on recognizing signs of reactions to a vaccination. It also includes some staggering statics of childhood diseases such as the number of children diagnosed with diabetes, asthma, autism, ADHD and developmental delays have more than tripled in the last 25 years. The number of vaccines recommended for children under 6 by the AAP has more than doubled in those 25 years. 

There are exceptions you can get since most daycares and public schools require all enrolled children be current on the AAP recommended vaccination schedule. These exemptions can be medical, religious or philisophical.

Here are some resources.

Medical Web Forum
Vaccinations: Deceptions & Tragedy
Informed Choice: Vaccine Ingredients

Dispelling Vaccination Myths

National Vaccine Information Center
(Read some parent’s stories at the bottom of this page. This website is FULL of great vaccine information.)

3 thoughts on “Vaccines: What are we putting in our children?

  1. Good luck on your journey. I recommend what is called ‘constitutional’ homeopathic treatment which will strengthen the general immune system and help the body shed toxins and recover more easily from any acute infection.

    Homeopaths generally feel that it is better to encounter pathogens naturally and to support recovery with remedies.

    Best wishes

  2. Very well written. I highly recommend Dr Tenpenny’s “Vaccines: The Risks, The beneifts, The Choices” and Z Miller’s “Vaccines: Are they really safe and effective?” to help you decide. My son is nearly 9 months and totally vax free!

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