The email below came from a friend of a friend who is a nurse. Good info to protect yourself from MRSA which is making quite a lot of headlines these days. The friend who sent this to me (not the author) personally knows about MRSA – her dad has had it twice this year, but blessedly is responding well to oral treatment. The nurse who wrote this went to high school with my husband and her dad was the CEO at Children’s Hospital.

Pretty scary stuff, but at least there are some very simple ways to protect yourself and your family. Here is the email:

Hey all,

Not only am I your friend or family, but this email is coming to you as my role as a nurse. MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphalococcus Aereus) is an infection that is hitting our country hard. It’s a nasty bacteria that is fighting all of our antibiotics. From listening to the news and World Health Organization reports, I am suspecting the strains of MRSA we are used to, have mutated. There are a few ways you can help protect you and your family from contracting MRSA.

Adament hand washing with SOAP and Water!!!! Avoid scratching yourself. If you do, wash area gently, but thoroughly with soap and water, then put Neosporin on the cut or scratch and cover with a band-aid for the first 24 hours. After that, keep using the Neosporin but without the band-aid until you feel the abrasion is healed enough with
‘natures bandaid’ a scab. Don’t eat or drink after others, even if it is your children or a spouse. There are many kinds of MRSA. The one hitting the news right now is the skin type that gets into your blood. Respiratory MRSA is a whole other ball game, but just as bad. So….that’s why I’m adding no eating or drinking after each other, especially if one of you is ill or HAS obtained a scratch, cut or bruise.

Some do not understand how MRSA can get into a bruise since the skin is intact. Well, the skin layer might be intact, but it IS compromised and very weakened due to trauma that caused the bruise. Therefore, the bruised skin area can allow Staph bacteria to enter the bloodstream.

I live in Murfreesboro, TN, and just learned that a 5 yr old girl from our town is now in Vanderbilt Children’s in Nashville from MRSA and fighting for her life. She can hear people, but she cannot respond. Sorry if my email has upset some, but this is very serious for ANYONE, particularly young children, the elderly or those that have a hard time fighting infections, have or have had cancer. As a healthcare worker, I always take precautions and have raised family up in that manner too, but I am going to go over with them again about precautions so NONE of them get MRSA. I’ve never sent an email like this to anyone, and those that know me well, also know that I don’t panic, so that should tell you how serious this is and to please, please be careful!!

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