I am not a personal fan of the flu shot, mainly because I do not like getting shots. I also do not like the thought of having that stuff injected into my body – I feel like it is poison. But does the flu shot really work? Many people get sick from getting the shot and who wants that? The strains they vax for are just a “guess” of what the 3 main strains will be that flu season.

Sure it may keep you from getting sick or at least weaken the symptoms if you do, but when we start vaccinating, the strains start to mutate greatly weakening the effectiveness of the vaccine. For North America, we look to our friends in the southern hemisphere, whose flu season is 6 months ahead of the start of ours. Based on the strains they encounter, we use that information to determine what will be in the US version of the flu shot. So not only is it a guess, but the data we are basing that guess on is 6 months old by the time the flu season starts.

Already one of the strains have mutated and a second strain also shows signs of change, meaning those who received the flu shot may truly only have protection for 1 strain. Experts say this year’s flu shot may offer only 40-50% protection. Is that really worth it? Only you can decide.

If you do get your child the flu shot, MAKE SURE IT IS MERCURY FREE! Mercury (thimerosal) is often used as a preservative in vaccines and can be very dangerous and has been linked to certain disorders including autism, though this has not been proven either way. 

It’s really a personal choice.

To learn more about vaccines in a non-baised fashion, check out Dr. Sear’s The Vaccine Book. Highly informative and I highly recommend it.

4 thoughts on “The Flu Shot

  1. Where did you find the mercury free flu shot for the 2008 season? I live in Murfreesboro, TN. My usual pediatrician doesn’t have it. Last year I found another pediatrician that offered the mercury free shot, but this year they don’t have that option. Suggestions?

  2. my pedi had the preservative free version, so I didn’t have to do anything special. I’d call around to see if you can find a pediatrician that has it, or ask your pedi how or where you can get one. Nashville is not too far, it may be you need to look closer towards the city.

    good luck!

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